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Death on Clare Island

Death on Clare Island

Author(s): Martha Geaney

Location(s): County Mayo, Clare Island

Genre(s): Mystery

Era(s): Contemporary

Star O’Brien is a haunting voice for the dead, the missing, and the lost.

Star O’Brien is a successful American information broker who can’t solve the mysteries of her own life. She comes to County Mayo, Ireland to settle her dead lover’s estate and look for her Irish mother who has been missing since Star was six years old. She is on the scene on Clare Island, when a body is discovered. It seems like a closed case involving the island’s dangerous cliffs and drug abuse. Star didn’t believe it when the police dismissed her mother’s disappearance as “abandonment” and she can’t believe the stories she is hearing about the dead young man.
Star must separate truth from fiction in the testimonies of those close to the victim including the head of an anti-drug foundation, a volatile ex-lover, a besotted young art student, and a restorer of the island’s ruins. Before long, Star’s investigation becomes the catalyst for a second murder, and she must work fast to avoid becoming the third victim. As she uncovers the truth about the murders, this fiercely independent, complex, female protagonist must also own up to her own past and a potential future with a charming new confidant.

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