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Follow Me In

Follow Me In

Author(s): Katriona Chapman

Location(s): Mexico

Genre(s): Graphic Novel

Era(s): Modern (early 2000s)



Recounting a life-changing trip to Mexico, Follow Me In is Kat Chapman’s memoir and coming-of-age story, interspersed with pages of her travel sketchbook and her explorations of the mosaic of cultural and bio-diversity that make Mexico such a special place. More than that, Follow Me In is a love letter to a fascinating, alluring and richly-varied country and the story of a difficult but loving relationship between the two lead characters.

With no responsibilities and nothing to tie her down, Kat has no idea what the next step is. She’s an artist who hasn’t drawn in over five years. She’s lost. What’s more, she’s been avoiding admitting what everyone else knows: her boyfriend, Richard, has an alcohol problem. Looking for a fresh start, the two embark on an adventure to Mexico, where their experiences change both of their lives. For Kat, that means rediscovering her love for art, forming a lifelong attachment to Mexico and finally finding the strength to move on.

Follow Me In is as much a vivid, brilliantly-realised journey through Mexico as it is a journey through the heart and soul of an inspiring creator whose cultural observations and style of travel writing are fresh and unique. It undoubtedly seals Katriona Chapman’s place as one of the best illustrators working in the UK today.

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