Author(s): Annabel Abbs

Location(s): Europe

Genre(s): Fiction, Historical

Era(s): Early 20th Century



Germany, 1907
Aristocrat Frieda von Richthofen has rashly married English professor Ernest Weekley. Visiting her sisters in Munich, she is captivated by a city alive with ideas of revolution and free love, and, goaded by sibling rivalry with her sisters and the need to be more than mother and wife, Frieda embarks on a passionate affair that is her sensual and intellectual awakening.

England, 1912
Trapped in her marriage to Ernest, Frieda meets the penniless but ambitious younger writer D. H. Lawrence. Their scandalous affair and tempestuous relationship unleashes a creative outpouring that influences the course of literature forever. But for Frieda, this fulfilment comes at a terrible personal cost.

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Author: tripfiction

What an interesting subject for a novel! This is a story that charts the relationship between D H Lawrence – miner’s son, poet and creative wordsmith – and Mrs Frieda Weekley, married to straight-laced...

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