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Gelato Sisterhood on the Amalfi Shore

Author(s): Chantal Kelly

Location(s): Amalfi Coast

Genre(s): Autobiography/Memoirs

Era(s): Modern



Warmed by the brilliant Campania sun and the lemon-scented breeze off shimmering Mediterranean waters, the Amalfi Coast has been seducing travelers since Roman times. Lush terraced mountainsides brimming with grape vines and olive groves tumble down to meet the sea. Sun-washed pastel buildings clinging to vertical cliffs, ancient timeworn villages, and secluded beaches beckon at every hairpin turn. Chantal Kelly takes the reader along on an unforgettable tour of the Amalfi Coast as she expertly guides a small group of women where blue horizons stretch endlessly and legend and romance abound. Intriguing towns are brought to life with humorous anecdotes and insights. Enchanting moments leap off the pages and into your heart as the women learn to cook traditional dishes, indulge in the incomparable regional food and drink, succumb to the siren song of stunning handmade ceramics, and admire Italy’s most attractive feature, the gorgeous, flirty men! Informative and practical, filled with Chantal s personal stories and delicious recipes, this book will mesmerize anyone who’s ever been tempted by the undeniable charms of Italy.

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Lead Review

Oh, did this transport me back to the Amalfi region. Such an enjoyable read and wonderful to see things slightly differently through writing penned by someone else who has an acute eye.

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