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He Who Pays The Piper

He Who Pays The Piper

Author(s): Alex Breck

Location(s): Northern California, Belize, Guatemala, Mexico, Scotland

Genre(s): Thriller

Era(s): Contemporary

Ridge Walker is a hedonistic young Scot in a desperate race with the devil across Central America. He is consumed by guilt at his inability to save Orla, his beautiful and wild Irish wife, after their turbulent marriage went off like a bomb, literally. He throws himself headlong into a naive attempt to rescue his Mexican girlfriend from the clutches of The Crocodile, possibly the most dangerous man south of Tijuana.
As his hold on life becomes increasingly precarious he miraculously overcomes encounters with a rich cavalcade of characters oozing out from under the festering sore of everyday life on the run. After surviving a death squad by playing football with them his luck finally runs out and he feels the callous wrath of Mexico’s most feared drug cartel.
Nothing is what it seems. Survival demands that he trusts those around him but as Ridge travels deeper into a murky web of international evil, he battles a past that is still ahead of him and learns the hard way that redemption doesn’t come cheap.
Pursued by government agents, terrorists, drug cartels and a mysterious phantom spewed up from the swamps of the ‘Irish Problem,’ Ridge must be willing to die before he can get to the ultimate truth. In doing so he finds allies in unlikely guises but also discovers those dear to him play to a far deadlier tune than he could have ever imagined.

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