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Heart and Seoul

Heart and Seoul

Author(s): Jen Frederick

Location(s): Seoul

Genre(s): RomCom

Era(s): Contemporary

A Korean adoptee living in the middle of Indiana, Hara Wilson has never felt a true sense of belonging – until a data breach from a DNA matching service reveals the name of her biological father. Hara knows that this is something that she can’t ignore. As much as she loves her adoptive parents, this is a chance to finally discover her roots and know more about where she came from, so she does the only logical thing: she books a one-way ticket to South Korea. When Hara gets to Korea, she realizes she’s way in over her head, especially when her metro card gets stolen. Straight from a Korean drama, an attractive man who introduces himself as Choi Boyoung comes to her rescue with an offer to show her around when he finds out it’s her first time there. When her journey becomes rerouted and she has a lead on her birth mother, Hara’s quest to learn about her birth family turns into a whirlwind of heartbreak, disappointment, and confusion. Hara soon finds that the identity she has been so desperately searching for could be the very thing to destroy all she has ever known.


“Jen Frederick, in the recently released Heart and Seoul (Berkley), sends her protagonist on a journey that’s as much a homecoming as it is an adventure: Hara Wilson, a Korean adoptee living in Indiana, heads to Seoul in search of her birth parents. “A lot of people live vicariously through stories,” says Frederick, who, like Hara, is a Korean American adoptee. “I want readers to get a sense of Seoul and how much I love that city. Heart and Seoul isn’t just a romance; it’s also about a woman trying to find out who she is and where she belongs in this big world.”” (Publishers Weekly)

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