Author(s): Harriet Lane

Location(s): London

Genre(s): Thriller

Era(s): Modern



Two women; two different worlds.

Emma is a struggling mother who has put everything on hold.

Nina is sophisticated and independent – entirely in control.

When the pair meet, Nina generously draws Emma into her life. But this isn’t the first time the women’s paths have crossed. Nina remembers Emma and she remembers what Emma did.

But what exactly does Nina want from her? 

And how far will she go in pursuit of it?

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Lead Review

From the acclaimed Alys, Always, this new thriller is a pleasure to read, as her writing is gifted. The psychological build-up is interesting but doesn’t really prepare for the ending.

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Lead Review

Author: tripfiction

3.75* I like London in the lazy grip of August: the empty streets spotted with shade, the grass in the parks turning sparse and yellow, the heat coming in hard shimmering waves off parked...

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Author: Harriet Lane

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