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Malayan Spymaster

Malayan Spymaster

Author(s): Boris Hembry

Location(s): Malaysia (Malaya)

Genre(s): Autobiography/Memoirs, Historical

Era(s): 1930s



A true story of 1930s Malaysia, of jungle operations, submarines and spies in WWII, and of the postwar Malayan Emergency, as experienced by an extraordinary man. Rubber planter Boris Hembry was a part of Freddy Spencer Chapman’s covert Stay Behind Party in Japanese-occupied Malaya, a member of the Secret Intelligence Service, and he formed the first Home Guard unit in Malaya during the Emergency. Required reading for this period of Southeast Asian history.

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Lead Review

The story of the rubber plantations in Malaya and the occupation of the country. A fascinating backdrop for any modern day visitor.

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