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Author(s): Grethe Bøe

Location(s): Norway, Russia

Genre(s): Crime, Thriller

Era(s): Contemporary

In Norway’s frozen north, tension is escalating across the border with Russia. One false move could trigger a major political crisis, or even a war …

When an F-16 N.A.T.O. plane goes down on Russian territory, the danger of another invasion is imminent. Only the testimony of what really happened on the border can prevent an international catastrophe. With Spetsnaz special forces at their heels, the lives of N.A.T.O. fighter pilots Ylva Nordahl and an injured John Evans are at risk.

But Ylva soon learns that those closest to her cannot be trusted and her family history reveals dark secrets of its own. She must achieve the impossible: cross the frozen Siberian tundra on foot and reach Norway before it is too late.

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