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Murder by the Hidden Bay

Author(s): David Pearson

Location(s): Connemara

Genre(s): Crime, Fiction

Era(s): Current

It’s a fairly common ruse. Leave something in the road and lie in wait. An unwitting person stops and they are robbed, assaulted, snatched, or what have you.

And this is exactly what happens to hotel worker Aofie Gilpin one morning on a quiet stretch of the west coast.

Except Aofie isn’t robbed. She is murdered and her body left, unceremoniously, in a field.

Detective Maureen Lyons leads the inquiry and despite uncovering some strange goings-on at the victim’s workplace, cannot fathom why she was targeted.

What, if anything, was Aofie’s secret? And can Lyons’ team catch a devious killer before they disappear into the Atlantic mist?

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