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Naked in Mayfair

Author(s): The Secret Socialite

Location(s): Mayfair

Genre(s): Erotica, Fiction

Era(s): Contemporary



Once upon a time, there was a lonely woman who was beautiful on the outside but sad on the inside…

Meet Ava, a blonde bombshell and newly divorced banker who leads a glamorous life in Mayfair and is looking for love again. She is passionate and strong, a woman who has it all and wants more, but her professional success and fearlessness are a foil to her vulnerability and inner demons.

Outwardly Ava is confident and successful, yet she feels alone in the world. Naked in Mayfair follows Ava’s uninhibited sexual odyssey as she is courted by many fascinating men. She loves sex, and her intense sexuality is her expression of a desire to find true love and connection. But whilst Ava has an amusing and pleasurable life, she is damaged inside, and the deep love she yearns for eludes her until finally, she finds purpose and peace in the most unexpected way.

Sometimes shocking, often hilarious, always thought-provoking, Naked in Mayfair gives us an illuminating glimpse behind closed doors, in the back of a Bentley and at 30,000 feet. This is a glittering world of privilege and wealth, with extravagant holidays, fine dining and mega yachts. It gives us a unique insight into the secret life of a 21st-century woman’s unwavering search for love, meaning, inner peace – and ultimately, self-acceptance.

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