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Outcast Sister

Author(s): James Davidson

Location(s): Liverpool

Genre(s): Noir, Crime, Mystery

Era(s): Contemporary

The search for a missing detective brings simmering rivalries to boiling point…

Some five years since parting ways, Detective Eleanor Rose receives a message from Daniel, her ex-boyfriend and former colleague. He is in danger. He needs her help.

Eleanor is compelled to return to Liverpool, but dreads what she’ll find there. Her parents are dead. She has no friends.
She doesn’t trust her old colleagues. And her half-sister… well… enough said about her.

When Eleanor’s search for Daniel takes her to Sundial Court housing estate, her worries multiply. Lawless, seedy, destitute, it seems the worst of humanity is festering within its dark streets and desolate houses.

It turns out that her ex-boyfriend was investigating a serious crime there. It soon looks pretty likely he didn’t get out alive.
But whatever fate befell him, Eleanor is stumbling perilously close to it herself. Who or what is drawing her in?

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