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Author(s): Alex Dahl

Location(s): Norway, Ariège, Sandefjord, The Pyrenees

Genre(s): Psychological Thriller

Era(s): 2010s



It was meant to be your daughter’s first sleepover.
Now it’s an abduction.


Lucia Blix went home from school for a playdate with her new friend Josie. Later that evening, her mother Elisa dropped her overnight things round and shared a glass of wine with Josie’s mother. Then she kissed her little girl goodnight and drove home.

That was the last time she saw her daughter.

The next morning, when Lucia’s dad arrived to pick her up, the house was empty. No furniture, no family, no Lucia.

In Playdate, Alex Dahl puts a microscope on a seemingly average, seemingly happy family plunged into a life-altering situation.

Who has taken their daughter, and why?

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Lead Review

Author: tripfiction

A well crafted and tense opening leads the reader into the dark world of child abduction. Elisa is at school to pick up her young daughter, Lucia, who expresses a keen interest to go...

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