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Ryokan: Japan’s Finest Traditional Inns

Ryokan: Japan’s Finest Traditional Inns

Author(s): Elizabeth Heilman Brooke

Location(s): Japan

Genre(s): Travelogue

Era(s): Various



Natural spring bathing in Japan is a celebration, the lovely pause in hectic lives yearning for moments of tranquillity. The hushed intimacy of rooms behind sliding paper doors, the sweet and the tangy of Japanese fruits, vegetables and seafood, open-air bathing and gardens for repose are featured in this book. Ryokan removes the tension from the journey and shows the way to places of fragile beauty and luxurious peace. It includes: The Japanese Ryokan: A Timeless Retreat, Ryokan and Onsen Etiquette: Essential Knowledge, Around Tokyo, Gora Kadan, Senkyoro, Tsubaki, Atami Sekitei, Kona Besso, Yagyu-no-Sho, Seiryuso, Senjyuan, Naraya, Bankyu Ryokan, Sanraku, Hoshinoya Karuizawa.

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Lead Review

Invaluable and sensitive introduction to Japans cultural background. Some interesting features, and some good photos

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