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Scoop-Wallah: Life on a Delhi Daily

Scoop-Wallah: Life on a Delhi Daily

Author(s): Justine Hardy

Location(s): Delhi

Genre(s): Autobiography/Memoirs

Era(s): Modern



Though born and educated in England, Justine Hardy spends more time thinking of India than of her home. “When I cannot sleep in London I have waking dreams peopled by the characters who inhabit my life in Delhi, and I get up and write about them”. So when an Indian shopkeeper in a South Kensington greengrocer complains to Justine about the inaccurate and irresponsible coverage of India in the world’s press, the journalist is inspired to go out there and write. Following a brief exchange of letters with a certain Mr Bhattacharyya, Justine heads for New Delhi to begin work for the Indian Express.
To Western eyes, Indian newspapers have an antique look about them. Text is printed in classical fonts packed tightly almost to the point of illegibility while hazy photographs show politicians in traditional dress. The features section, on the other hand, is an “explosion of Western fashion spreads, over-coloured recipe pictures, and those perennial lifestyle tales of what the rich and nearly famous eat for breakfast”. Justine writes with a warm, gentle humour, focusing firmly on her subject while allowing the warmth of her own personality to shine through. –Daren King

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‘There is a vitality in the writing and a feeling for Indian life which Kipling would have loved… fine descriptive passages and plenty of humour…’ ‘ –Daily Telegraph

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