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Single Man Dancing Alone

Author(s): Nick Kelly

Location(s): Qatar

Genre(s): Historical, Fiction

Era(s): 1970 to present day

James O’Bryan arrives in Qatar in 1977 to take up his post as an English language teacher.
His intention is to stay for two years and then continue his travels. However, when he meets the Al Bahr family he becomes drawn into the Qatari way of life, developing a kinship with the eldest son, Fahd, who is an artist.

Over the years, as James makes friends with both expats and Qataris, he finds himself torn between two different cultures, enjoying fun in the sun as well the traditions and kindness of the Qatari family.

In ‘The House of Fortune,’ the Al Bahr’s humble beginnings in the pearl-diving days of the 1920s change over the next fifty years. In ‘Single Man, Dancing Alone’ the development in Qatar during the next fifty years is so great that by the time the tiny country is awarded the World Cup their wealth is enormous. Through James and the Al Bahr family we witness the momentous events that altered the course of Qatar’s history and experience at first hand the choices that a man must make between East and West.

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