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Soul of Rome

Soul of Rome

Author(s): Carolina Vincenti

Location(s): Rome

Genre(s): Photography, Nonfiction

Era(s): Modern



Soul of Rome – A guide to 30 exceptional experiences introduces a new approach to the art of travelling which consists of vagabonding around, chance encounters and unforgettable experiences. Travel guides for those who want to unlock the hidden doors of a city, feel out its heartbeat, plumb every last nook and cranny to uncover its soul.

Inside Soul of Rome:

We’ve all admired the Colosseum and taken a selfie at the Trevi Fountains. But if we really want to experience the true essence of Rome today, where do we go? Soul of Rome is your guide to the best of what this city really is right now – and how it’s evolving.

Celebrating both the old and the new, we meet the guardians of the city’s authentic heritage and talk with the bright young things who are building its future, we’ll eat at hidden restaurants and explore the city’s long-forgotten corners.

Join us as we experience the soul of Rome together.

Each guide in the “Soul of” collection includes:

  • the 30 best experiences a city has to offer
  • interviews with those who give the city its spirit
  • original illustrations that capture the city’s soul

Also, hidden inside this Soul of Rome guide, you will always find a very secret location, carefully selected, waiting to be discovered. Are you up for a challenge?

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Lead Review

Author: Tina Hartas

Given the exponential growth in guidebooks that take you to the next level – and Jonglez have a variety of guides, like the Secret Guides – this is a welcome addition. You may find...

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