Lead Review

  • Book: Soul of Rome
  • Location: Rome
  • Author: Carolina Vincenti

Review Author: Tina Hartas



Given the exponential growth in guidebooks that take you to the next level – and Jonglez have a variety of guides, like the Secret Guides – this is a welcome addition.

You may find that you have perhaps visited the city a few times and you have ‘done’ all the usual things and are hankering to delve a bit deeper. This book brings together 30 experiences that are chosen to take a tourist beneath the skin of the city and explore the soul and perhaps get a little closer to the actual experience of the locals.

There is food to choose from and details of an exceptional overnight stay. You could, if you wanted to, buy socks like the pope! And thoughts on where to find the best ice cream in the city, a must! And mention of a bookshop-cum-bar (which of course is great for all the bibliophiles among us).

There are beautiful photos and illustrations so it does whet the appetite for another trip, and hopefully most people will find one or two new adventures within these pages.

I do wonder how many people these days buy what is essentially a guide book, compared to those who choose blogs on the internet to discover the less obvious options. One of the issues that a guidebook inevitably has is that it’s hard for the authors/publishers to keep the detail up to date and to ensure that changes are made before a reprint/new edition – and that is a lot of hard work compared with updates on the internet.

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