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Spirit Tiger

Author(s): Barbara Ismail

Location(s): Kelantan

Genre(s): Crime, Mystery

Era(s): Modern looking back to WW2

Tiger spirits prowl Kampong Penambang in the third novel of the award-winning Kain Songket Mysteries detective series set in Kelantan, Malaysia. Amateur sleuth Mak Cik Maryam volunteers to investigate the death of a village reprobate, convinced it will be a quick investigation with clear suspects. But her detection soon spirals out of control with a plethora of suspects who wanted him dead, including almost everyone he knew.

Maryam falls victim to a hala spell turning her into a were-tiger, terrifying her and her family, and leaving her vulnerable to any number of evil influences. Join Mak Cik Maryam in her latest adventure, Spirit Tiger, as she investigates Kelantan’s gambling underworld.

Spirit Tiger is the third in Barbara Ismail’s series of Kain Songket Mysteries based in Kelantan. The first book in the series, Shadow Play, won Best Debut Novel at the 2012 SBPA Book Awards in Singapore and was shortlisted for the Popular–The Star Readers’ Choice Awards 2013 in Malaysia; the second book in the series, Princess Play, was shortlisted for the Popular–The Star Readers’ Choice Awards 2014 in Malaysia.

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