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That Summer in Ischia

That Summer in Ischia

Author(s): Penny Feeny

Location(s): Ischia, Italy

Genre(s): Mystery, Romance

Era(s): Late 1970s, modern



1979 and two young women become au pairs to two Italian families. They are in search of excitement and romance, but one of their charges goes missing they come under suspicion from the police. The cracks in their friendship become only too evident, and the course of their lives is changed forever. 24 years later, on an English beach one of them thinks she spots the other, and in the hope of reconciliation follows her home: only to discover it is her daughter…secrets and mysteries gradually surface, as their friendship blossoms. Can the truth of what happened that Summer ever come to light?

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Sun-drenched, dark and intriguing. I loved the way she painted Italy. –Kate Long

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