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The Apothecary

The Apothecary

Author(s): Joan Fallon

Location(s): Málaga

Genre(s): Historical, Fiction

Era(s): 11th century

When the caliph of Málaga dies under strange circumstances, Umar, a soldier in his army, believes it was murder. He decides to investigate the ruler’s death even though it may result in his own.

When Umar starts to ask questions he discovers that the caliph was poisoned and it was his father, Makoud, who sold the poison to the murderer. He needs to find out who is responsible but before he can do anything, Umar is dragged before the commander and thrown into gaol.

With time running out, Umar’s family and friends come to his aid. But is it too late? Will Umar be executed? And what will happen to Makoud if they find out that the poison came from his apothecary shop?

In this exciting murder mystery, Joan Fallon sets the action in the busy medieval port of Málaga. Following on from the successful al-Andalus series, we meet up again with the younger members of the family who escaped from the besieged city of Córdoba.

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