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The Big Weird

The Big Weird

Author(s): Christopher G Moore

Location(s): Bangkok

Genre(s): Thriller

Era(s): Turn of 21st Century



A beautiful American blond is found dead with a large bullet hole in her head in the house of her ex-boyfriend. A famous Hollywood screen-writer hires Calvino to investigate her death. Everyone except Calvino’s client believes Samantha McNeal has committed suicide. In the early days of the Internet, Sam ran with a young and wild expat crowd in Bangkok. As Calvino slides into a world where people are dead serious about sex, money and fame, he unearths a hedonistic community where the ritual of death is the ultimate high.

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Lead Review

This is the 5th novel in the Calvino series, led by PI Vincent Calvino, half Jewish, half Italian. You can almost breathe the Bangkok air as you accompany the larger than life characters around...

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