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The Christmas Letter

Author(s): Emily Stone

Location(s): England, London, Venice

Genre(s): Fiction, Romance

Era(s): Contemporary

Travel from the gorgeous English countryside to romantic Venice with the bestselling author of One Last Gift and Always, in December Emily Stone.

Every December Holly writes to a stranger who is spending Christmas alone, and every year she receives a letter from another lonely person.

Being a part of the Dear Stranger club is a tradition she has come to treasure. Because ever since the accident three years ago, Holly has spent Christmas alone.

Usually, the letters go unanswered. That’s the point of the club – no one knows who you are so you can write what’s in your heart. But this year, when Holly gets a letter from an older woman, Emma, that changes. Not only is the letter full of a grief Holly can relate to, but also Emma mentions a place that Holly knows all too well. Holly knows she has to find the woman who wrote the letter. Because maybe, by helping someone else with their loneliness, she can fix her own.

Holly sets out to find the estranged grandson Emma is desperate to reconnect with. But when she tracks down handsome and successful Jack, he has his own reasons to not want to be found…

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