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The Ghost of Seagull Cottage

The Ghost of Seagull Cottage

Author(s): Anne Allen

Location(s): Guernsey

Genre(s): Paranormal, Romance

Era(s): Contemporary

A haunting tale of love, loss and finding one’s place in the world
Widowed artist Annabel returns to Guernsey seeking a fresh start for herself and her young daughter away from her late husband’s controlling family. Seagull Cottage appears perfect, by the sea and with a low rent. The snag is it comes with a resident ghost, Daniel, a sea captain who died 70 years ago in 1946. He built the cottage and objects to anyone not family living there. He and Annabel have to come to terms with sharing what he still considers to be his home.

After a difficult start they begin to share their pasts and an unlikely friendship blooms, becoming deeper as they spend more time together. Annabel realises she’s falling for him but would she truly prefer a ghost to a real live man?

Blending elements of romance, mystery and the supernatural into a compelling tale about the power of human connection and presenting a modern twist on R.A. Dick’s novel The Ghost and Mrs Muir and the classic movie of the same name.

‘Anne Allen’s books are the heartbeat of Guernsey’ Jenny O’Brien, author of Roses for the Dead

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