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The Ginger Tree

The Ginger Tree

Author(s): Oswald Wynd

Location(s): Beijing (Peking), Tokyo

Genre(s): Fiction, Historical

Era(s): First half of the 20th Century



A young woman travels from Edinburgh to Peking in the early 20th century,and writes about her experiences in diary form. She is trapped in a loveless marriage to a stiff and conventional man, and then falls in love with a Japanese warrior and pays dearly for that passion. It is then that Mary’s real journey begins, as she begins to forge a new life for herself in Tokyo.

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Lead Review

An evocative book particularly of early 20th century from Peking to Tokyo. Sobering to read about the trials of women in the early 20th century. But a fabulous book – and I read somewhere...

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Author: Isabella Orff

This is the story of Mary who travels to Peking to marry her husband to be. But early 1900s society does not permit a woman to stray from the straight and narrow and hers...

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