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The Incident

The Incident

Author(s): Kenneth Macleod

Location(s): Baltic Coast, Germany, Grömitz

Genre(s): Fiction

Era(s): WW2 onwards



‘Certainly there are ghosts in these towers. For me they are the ghosts of two children. And even now – ten years later and seven hundred miles away – I still wake most nights with the muffled echo of their cries in my ears and the weight of their deaths on my conscience…’

Three lives: three turning points. Craig was a teenage lifeguard on a beach in Germany when two children died on his watch. It should never have happened. He was an expert swimmer. His grandfather, Gordon McInnes was on board a ship torpedoed during the war. He survived by clinging to the body of one of his colleagues. Years later, he met one of the crew of the U boat that attacked his ship. Gerd is a refugee of the Cold War. Recruited by the Stasi at a very young age, he escaped to the west after his mission went terribly wrong. He never went back.

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Lead Review

Gripping…The course of the long, hot day leading up to the tragedy on the beach pulsates with dread and fear, and is engrossingly broken up by a middle section, describing a man named Gerd’s...

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