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The Malibu House

Author(s): Tasmina Perry

Location(s): Malibu

Genre(s): Fiction, Mystery

Era(s): Contemporary

Escape to Malibu this summer with the Queen of the Beach Reads

Investigative reporter Lara Stone is on holiday. Her LA-based boyfriend Alex has use of a postcard-perfect beach retreat in Malibu and has promised her two weeks of sun, sea and relaxation.
But the house has a secret.
Fifty years earlier, Verity Jones, a charismatic singer-songwriter who used to own the house was found dead in the bath after one of her legendary parties. A tragic accident – or so everyone said at the time.

But Lara isn’t so sure. When she befriends her neighbour Evelyn Lane – a celebrated ‘about-to-retire’ writer – she finds out that Verity’s group of friends – bohemians, creatives and wannabe stars that lived in the Laurel Canyon area of LA – all had reason to want Verity out of the picture.

For Martha, finding out the truth about Verity’s death is one last story.
But as Lara investigates and makes powerful enemies in the City of Stars, it could be her last story too.

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