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The Moment

The Moment

Author(s): Douglas Kennedy

Location(s): Berlin

Genre(s): Fiction

Era(s): 1980s



Thomas Nesbitt is a divorced writer in the midst of a rueful middle age. Living a very private life in Maine, in touch only with his daughter and still trying to recover from the end of a long marriage, his solitude is disrupted one wintry morning by the arrival of a box that is postmarked Berlin. The name on the box-Dussmann-unsettles him completely, for it belongs to the woman with whom he had an intense love affair twenty-six years ago in Berlin at a time when the city was cleaved in two and personal and political allegiances were frequently haunted by the deep shadows of the Cold War.

Refusing initially to confront what he might find in that box, Thomas nevertheless is forced to grapple with a past he has never discussed with any living person and in the process relive those months in Berlin when he discovered, for the first and only time in his life, the full, extraordinary force of true love. But Petra Dussmann, the woman to whom he lost his heart, was not just a refugee from a police state, but also someone who lived with an ongoing sorrow that gradually rewrote both their destinies.

A love story of great epic sweep and immense emotional power, The Moment explores why and how we fall in love-and the way we project on to others that which our hearts so desperately seek.

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Lead Review

“The denouement will have you feeling about as intense as printed words can make you.” -The Times (UK)

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Terrific Read!!!!

What can I say? This book has the rare quality, one virtually does not want to put it down. It moves from one nail-biting page to the next without once losing its credibility. It...

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