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The Paris Option

The Paris Option

Author(s): Robert Ludlum

Location(s): Algeria, Paris

Genre(s): Thriller



A horrific explosion destroys the Paris lab of computer genius Emile Chambord on the eve of his breakthrough in the development of a revolutionary molecular DNA computer that has the ability to control virtually all the world’s computerized operations. Overnight, military satellites, international data banks and worldwide communications threaten to crash. Faced with the enormity of this malevolent power play, Dr. Jon Smith sets out to find the perpetrators. Arriving in Paris just as Chambord’s daughter, Therese, is being abducted, Smith trails the terrorists to Toledo, Spain, then back to Paris, Algeria, and finally France again, where French nationalists are secretly planning to use the remarkable computer to initiate a nuclear attack on the United States. (Wikipedea)

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Lead Review

This book is part of teh Covert-One Series, which several authors co-wrote. The style is markedly different from other Ludlum books

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