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The Perfect Find

Author(s): Tia Williams

Location(s): New York City (NYC)

Genre(s): RomCom

Era(s): Contemporary



She’s finally found her soulmate. But he’s completely off-limits . . .

Former fashion editor Jenna Jones is forty, broke and starting over. Dumped by her fiancé and fired from her job, Jenna begs her arch nemesis, Darcy Vale, for a role at her new online magazine. Surrounded by digital-savvy millennials who all speak fluent Twitter, it’s soon clear that Jenna is in way over her head. And, to make matters worse, her ex has a new girlfriend.

But things get even messier, and a whole lot more interesting, when Jenna meets Eric Combs, the film graduate tasked with shooting her new web series. Totally gorgeous and completely off-limits, Jenna knows she should know better – but there’s something about Eric she can’t resist. And what is worth risking everything for, if not love?

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Lead Review

Author: Tina Hartas

“Older” woman (that means middle aged woman) falls for much younger man. This novel is funny, it has heart and it is entertaining and I really loved the bright yellow cover (the British one,...

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