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The Retribution

The Retribution

Author(s): Val McDermid

Location(s): Yorkshire

Genre(s): Crime, Thriller

Era(s): 2000s



This is McDermid’s 25th book. Hill and Jordan are on the verge of leaving the Yorkshire city of Bradfield, where Jordan has run the major investigation team that cleared up so many serial-killer cases. Over the years, a provisional intimacy has developed between these two damaged individuals, whose prickly relationship has already been longer and closer than many marriages. Now they are about to build new lives in Worcester, while the MIT and Jordan’s handpicked officers are soon to be disbanded by a cost-cutting chief constable. First, though, there’s another serial killer for the MIT to deal with: someone is murdering women who work in Bradfield’s thriving sex trade, by unusually varied methods. But there’s one common feature: each of the corpses has the word “mine” tattooed amateurishly on her wrist.(the Guardian)

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“Be very afraid as you meet a truly inventive serial killer. Val McDermid’s 25th novel is stunningly good, but it comes with a health warning. It is truly disturbing. Not in the sense of...

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