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The Secrets We Hide

The Secrets We Hide

Author(s): Patricia Sands

Location(s): Japan, Corsica, Hawaii, The South of France (Le Midi)

Genre(s): Fiction

Era(s): 1950 - 2012

The deep traditions and values of Kaito Tanaka’s Japanese heritage are severely tested when he returns home to Honolulu from duty in Vietnam to find his wife Hana in the grip of progressive mental health challenges. As Hana’s condition worsens, Kaito’s life becomes absorbed in protecting and caring for her and her daughter Kiana. Hana becomes increasingly reclusive, while their daughter Kiana grows troubled and rebellious. A friend’s mysterious death, followed by Kiana’s sudden disappearance, cut deeply into Cato soul. Meditation is Kaito‘s drug of choice. Secrecy hides the truth from others, but Kaito’s commitment to Hana is unwavering. As years go by, Kaito makes annual pilgrimages to a Buddhist retreat in Koyasan that renew his spirit. In the end, a serendipitous coincidence there opens the door to happiness, if he can allow himself to accept it.

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