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The Silence

The Silence

Author(s): J Sydney Jones

Location(s): Vienna

Genre(s): Crime

Era(s): Turn of the 20th Century



Karl Werthen is the protagonist, aided by his wife Berthe.
Werthen is at first hired to find a wealthy family’s oldest son. As he goes to their mansion we learn one of the many things about 1900 Vienna that make this book so charming and interesting to read. The wife has a migraine, so city workers have been dispatched to spread straw on the street to muffle the sound of horses’ hooves. There are descriptions of homes, the architecture of city buildings, the sounds and smells of the city, and the Vienna Woods. We also learn of the anti-Semitism rampant in the city so long before WW II, and the great gulf between the rich and the poor. (Barbara J Mitchell)

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Lead Review

I love the characters (human) and the depiction of turn of the century Vienna – which in many ways is the main character! (A J White)

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