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Author(s): Robert McCracken

Location(s): Liverpool

Genre(s): Crime, Mystery

Era(s): Present day

A covert cop becomes a target when she picks the wrong cover story

The Treadwater Estate has become the epicentre of a series of strange events. People go missing. Bodies are found – buried and wrapped in clingfilm. Yet there appears to be no connection between the victims and no motive for the crimes.

The estate looks anonymous, its residents inscrutable. Door-to-door inquiries fall flat. No one has seen anything, everyone resents the police presence. Someone must be hiding in plain sight.

Faced with a wall of silence, to dig deeper DI Tara Grogan must get closer to the action than is safe.

Not being from the area, a local choir provides her with an entry point. But will the very guise that she adopts to be accepted into the community, that of a reformed con, be her undoing?

If her cover is blown, her life is in danger. But if she doesn’t push her luck to the limits, a killer will get away with it.

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