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The Strings of Murder

The Strings of Murder

Author(s): Oscar de Muriel

Location(s): Edinburgh

Genre(s): Fiction, Historical

Era(s): Late 19th Century



Edinburgh, 1888. A violinist is murdered in his home. The dead virtuoso’s maid swears she heard three musicians playing in the night. But with only one body in the locked practice room – and no way in or out – the case makes no sense.

Fearing a national panic over another Ripper, Scotland Yard sends Inspector Ian Frey to investigate under the cover of a fake department specializing in the occult. However, Frey’s new boss, Detective ‘Nine-Nails’ McGray, actually believes in such supernatural nonsense.

McGray’s tragic past has driven him to superstition, but even Frey must admit that this case seems beyond reason. And once someone loses all reason, who knows what they will lose next…

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Lead Review

This is the world of violins and the legends that are central to Tartini’s Devil’s Trill Sonata, and there’s Paganini. Inspector Frey and Detective McGray have to work together and from the time of Jack...

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