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The Summer of Princess Diana

The Summer of Princess Diana

Author(s): Martha Reynolds

Location(s): Switzerland

Genre(s): Coming of Age

Era(s): 1981

Diana Driscoll has no problem manipulating her father into funding her whirlwind tour of London to attend the wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diana in the summer of 1981. There’s no way she’d miss the wedding of the century, and the thought of bagging her own prince along the way has crossed her mind once or twice.

But when her father is arrested and his assets are seized, and her credit card is rendered useless, Diana is stuck in a pitstop in Switzerland. What she once thought of as picturesque has now turned into her nightmare. Without funds and options, she takes a job as a nanny to a dysfunctional family. To make matters worse, she has to live with them.

In this coming-of-age story, Diana learns that fairytales only exist in books, and life’s lessons don’t come easy.

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