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The Sunlight Race

Author(s): Tom Kernot

Location(s): Zanzibar

Genre(s): Adventure, Thriller

Era(s): 2013



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Ben Carter is still plagued with grief two years after his fiancée was killed in a horrific terrorist attack in London. In a bid to help him move on, the team at his restaurant nominate him for The Sunlight Race, a hit one-day adventure reality TV show that has taken the UK by storm.

He gets selected and heads on an African adventure to Zanzibar with his sporty race partner Anna, sensing romance between them. The race begins but little do any of the contestants know what is about to happen. Someone with a bitter grudge against the reality TV industry has very different plans for how the show will go down. As the day of revenge unfolds, survival seems impossible.

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Lead Review

Author: Tina Hartas

We like to try and support indie writers by reading their books when we can and I was particularly taken with the notion that The Sunlight Race is set on Zanzibar. I had a...

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