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The Tacoma Pill Junkies

The Tacoma Pill Junkies

Author(s): Joshua Swainston

Location(s): Tacoma, Washington State

Genre(s): Fiction

Era(s): Modern

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When Courtney Taylor, a 23-year-old clothing store manager and single mother, is mugged at gunpoint by a man who resembles a rodent, she loses self-esteem, an un-cashed paycheck and her driver’s license.

Shortly thereafter, Reno Walch, a custodian and drug user, discovers Courtney’s driver’s license on a bus ride to work and is driven to return the wayward object. Meanwhile Reno’s cohorts, a trio of pharmaceutical addicts, are making a fortune on ill-gotten prescription Oxycontin while consuming as many pills as possible in-between.

The cast of characters are so mono-fixated on their own personal goals that nobody recognizes that the major media outlets have been reporting the acts of a killer who is running rampant through the nighttime streets of Tacoma.

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