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The Tuscan Year

The Tuscan Year

Author(s): Elizabeth Romer

Location(s): Tuscany

Genre(s): Food and Drink, Travelogue

Era(s): 2000s



In a green and secret valley in Tuscany, life is firmly moulded by the past. In this beautiful account of traditional life and cooking, Elizabeth Romer introduces the Cerotti family who farm one section of the valley and vividly describes, month by month, the Tuscan year – January’s prosciutto and salame, cheese-making in March, threshing the corn in high summer, the game and chanterelles of autumn, the chestnut woods and zabajone of November and December. In the heart of the Cerotti house, wonderful meals are prepared using fresh and simple ingredients, governed by the rhythms of the changing seasons. This magical book reveals the secrets of an ancient way of life and cuisine, with dozens of delicious recipes to bring the flavour of Tuscany to any kitchen.

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Lead Review

This book is delightfully written and is far more than just a recipe book, although the recipes I have tried so far are first rate. The author paints a gentle, thoughtful and entertaining picture...

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