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The Warehouse

The Warehouse

Author(s): S S Mausoof

Location(s): Waziristan

Genre(s): Thriller

Era(s): Contemporary

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The Warehouse is an original and contemporary novel set in Pakistan’s dreaded Waziristan, on the borders of Afghanistan a hotbed of crime, terrorism and harsh brutality. Cash, an insurance surveyor is sent out to Waziristan to find the recipient of an insurance claim that has remained open for several years. He is persuaded to go on this dangerous journey by an old flame Sonya. There is also money to be made, money he can use to help fund his daughter s education in Karachi. On his trip he encounters corrupt police, scurrilous locals and eventually the Taliban who kidnap him. They hold him prisoner and make use of his computer skills. He meets Bilqis, a beautiful widow, and has an opportunity to escape arises after a year of captivity, he and his fellow prisoners escape, trying to return to Pakistan.

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