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Tito’s Lost Children, The Kosovo War

Tito’s Lost Children, The Kosovo War

Author(s): Andrew Anzur Clement

Location(s): Kosovo, Albania, Balkans

Genre(s): Young Adult, Adventure

Era(s): 1998-2013

A hand clamps down on a boy’s shoulder. He looks up from his father’s body. In an instant his childhood is over. He kicks and screams as he and his little brother are dragged away by the Albanian terrorist who just killed their parents.
Young Drago is forced to fight as a child soldier in the Kosovo War, part of a bargain to keep his younger brother alive. He must call his kidnapper “father.” Caught up in a never-ending cycle of vengeance, Drago learns the meaning of family, love, honor — and the true cost of war.
Although this is Book Four in the Tito’s Lost Children series, you do not have to have read the earlier books to enjoy this heart-wrenching story that stands on its own.

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