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Two Tickets to Dubrovnik

Two Tickets to Dubrovnik

Author(s): Angus Kennedy

Location(s): Dubrovnik

Genre(s): Novella

Era(s): Modern



“Two Tickets to Dubrovnik is a novella centered on the bittersweet memories of an Australian wine writer’s visit to Croatia. Tightly written, the book is filled with information about the area’s history and could even work as something of a travel guide to Dubrovnik. Higher stakes might have made this a more compelling read, but Kennedy promises only a tale in which the control of his protagnoist’s life is taken from his hands, and in that he delivers. Still, the setting and history are expertly drawn, as is the protagonist’s unfortunate dilemma. Readers looking for a well-written, simple tale set in an old country steeped in history and color should find this a satisfying escape.” BlueInk Review

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“Through his descriptive, picturesque visions of Dubrovnik, Australian Andrew Johnston gives the reader a glimpse of the quiet, ancient town full of wineries, restaurants and beautiful architecture. Kirkus Reviews

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