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Under a Gilded Sky

Author(s): Imogen Martin

Location(s): Missouri

Genre(s): Historical, Fiction

Era(s): 1870s

1874: In the wilds of Missouri, one woman’s struggle for survival takes an unexpected turn the day that an injured stranger arrives at her door. This unforgettable story shows the true resilience of a young woman’s spirit when faced with the fight to make a life for herself.


It’s been a long, cold winter. Every morning Ginny pulls on her father’s old leather coat and pushes her feet into stout boots that come up to her knees, before heading out to tend to the cattle. Since her beloved papa died she’s discovered that Snow Farm is deep in debt, but she’s determined to hold onto it – the one thing connecting Ginny and her fourteen-year-old sister Mary-Lou to the memory of their parents, and their only means of survival alone against the elements.


When the farm’s fortunes take a turn for the worse, Ginny must find bravery beyond her years and fight harder than ever to save the only home she has ever known. And with the arrival of a wounded stranger, his eyes as gray as the winter storm raging around the farmhouse, comes something else to strive for: a glimpse of a life she never dared dream was possible.


An utterly spellbinding story which celebrates the determination and courage of women who’ve learnt to rely on themselves alone. Fans of Amy Harmon, Delia Owens and Kristin Hannah will love this breath-taking and vivid novel of courage in the hardest times and hope that lights the way in the darkness.

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