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Wondering, the Way is Made

Author(s): Luke F D Marsden

Location(s): Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Peru

Genre(s): Science Fiction/Future, Travelogue



In a pre-apocalyptic near future, against a backdrop of a faltering global civilization and a living planet in slow-motion death throes, a young, free-spirited couple, Joss and Tina, decide to quit the programme and go on a voyage of discovery to Brazil, the land of Tina’s father’s birth.

When events at home make it difficult for them to return, they must decide where to take their lives. Joined by their friends, who are embroiled in the same predicament, they journey through South America in a converted Kombi, searching for a place where they can weather the stormy circumstances. Ready to take on their future, they travel always with humour, a healthy disrespect of authority and a sense of wonder.

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Friendship is blended with travel,in a world that cracking up – and set in an amazing part of the world, South America

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