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10th June 2020

Buy your books through TripFictionBuy your books through TripFiction…

We have recently upgraded the TripFiction site to include ‘Buy Now‘ buttons by every book in our database and on all our current blog posts that feature an individual or multiple titles.

How does it work, and why have we done this? If you click on a button you are taken through to a panel where you can choose to buy from amazon.co.uk if you are based in the UK or Europe, or from amazon.com or your favourite bookseller if you are based elsewhere. If you  choose amazon.co.uk you go through to the correct page on the site to make your purchase. If you choose amazon.com, or one of the others, you are taken through to the Home Page on their site from where you can search the book you want to buy. We hope though, in the not too distant future, to be able to offer the same ‘straight to the page’ service for amazon.com that we currently have in place for amazon.co.uk.

If you buy through amazon.co.uk then TripFiction will receive a small (5%) commission on every purchase. We will use this to fund the continuing expansion of the site to the benefit of all our visitors. It is important to note that the price you pay if you click through from TripFiction is guaranteed to be exactly the same price as if you logged onto the amazon.co.uk site directly. The 5% commission is paid by amazon.co.uk as a ‘reward’ to TripFiction for introducing the sale.

We have, naturally, thought long and hard about this. Amazon may well not be your favourite company (it probably isn’t ours), but it is the only company we can find where we can hope to make such a book buying system work on a global basis.

So, we hope you will take advantage of this new system should you choose to buy your books through Amazon. And, on behalf of the many thousands who visit the TripFiction site each month, we would like to thank you for helping us build an even bigger and better resource for those who enjoy researching and reading location-based books.

“That’s the thing about books. They let you travel without moving your feet” – Jhumpa Lahiri

Tony for the TripFiction team

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