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Between the Woods and the Water

Between the Woods and the Water
  • Author(s): Patrick Leigh Fermor
  • Location(s): Europe, Hungary, Romania
  • Genre(s): Travelogue
  • Era(s): 1930s

this is the sequel to ‘A Time of Gifts’, and Fermor continues his walk through the length of 1930s Europe. Starting from where the previous book left off, at the border into Hungary, and on to “the Iron Gates”...

Beyond A Broken Sky

Beyond A Broken Sky
  • Author(s): Suzanne Fortin
  • Location(s): Somerset, Sussex
  • Genre(s): Fiction
  • Era(s): 1945 and 2022

Some secrets are better left buried… 2022. Stained-glass expert Rhoda Sullivan is called to Telton Hall to examine a window designed by an Italian prisoner of war during WW2. It should be a quick job but when she and...

Black Reed Bay

Black Reed Bay
  • Author(s): Rod Reynolds
  • Location(s): Long Island
  • Genre(s): Crime, Thriller
  • Era(s): Contemporary

Don’t trust ANYONE… When a young woman makes a distressing middle-of-the-night call to 911, apparently running for her life in a quiet, exclusive beachside neighbourhood, miles from her home, everything suggests a domestic incident. Except no one has seen...


  • Author(s): Paul Waters
  • Location(s): County Armagh, County Tyrone, Ireland, Northern Ireland
  • Genre(s): Historical, Crime, Thriller
  • Era(s): 1950s

When maverick police sergeant Jolly Macken is banished to the sleepy 1950s Irish border village of Blackwatertown, he vows to find the killer of his brother – even if the murderer is in the police. But a lot can...

Blood in the Tiber

Blood in the Tiber
  • Author(s): Annelise Freisenbruch
  • Location(s): Rome
  • Genre(s): Fiction, Historical
  • Era(s): 70BC

A senator bleeds to death in his bath… And as the authorities turn a blind eye, Hortensia, daughter of the capital’s most celebrated orator, feels compelled to investigate a trail of murders that lead to the dark heart of...

Blood In The Water

Blood In The Water
  • Author(s): Jack Flynn
  • Location(s): Boston
  • Genre(s): Thriller
  • Era(s): Present day

Homeland Security agent, Kit Steel, is committed to avenge terrorism. And she’s after the blood of her nemesis, one of world’s most ruthless and dangerous criminals, Vincente Carpio. He has the blood of her husband and young son on...

Blue Running

Blue Running
  • Author(s): Lori Ann Stephens
  • Location(s): Texas
  • Genre(s): Dystopian, Fantasy
  • Era(s): Future

In the new Republic of Texas, guns are compulsory and nothing is forgiven. Blue Running is a gripping coming-of-age thriller for fans of Station Eleven and Thelma and Louise. Fourteen-year-old Bluebonnet Andrews is on the run across the Republic...

Body on the Shore

Body on the Shore
  • Author(s): Diane M Dickson
  • Location(s): Liverpool
  • Genre(s): Crime
  • Era(s): Present day

When a body washes up on Crosby Beach in Liverpool Bay, detectives quickly declare foul play. Yet they will struggle to establish the identity of the victim, let alone the killer. Leading the inquiry on his first murder case,...


  • Author(s): Zoë Sharp
  • Location(s): Appleby-in-Westmorland
  • Genre(s): Noir, Crime
  • Era(s): Modern

The traditional Appleby Horse Fair hosts the largest gathering of Gypsies and Travellers in Europe. The sudden influx of more than 40,000 visitors into the small Lakeland town has always caused its share of problems, with strained relations between...

Born in the Purple

Born in the Purple
  • Author(s): Dora Ilieva
  • Location(s): Istanbul (Constantinople)
  • Genre(s): Fiction, Historical
  • Era(s): 1083-1131

It is Anno Domini 1083. At the Blachernae Palace in Constantinople, a princess is born. What will her fate be? Will she be married off in order to create an advantageous political alliance? Or will she be sent to...

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