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The Levelling

The Levelling
  • Author(s): Dan Mayland
  • Location(s): Baku, Iran, Turkmenistan
  • Genre(s): Thriller
  • Era(s): Modern

These days, Mark Sava spends more time in tutoring sessions than in cloak-and-dagger rendezvous. The former CIA station chief of Azerbaijan has settled into the modest life of a professor in Baku…until an assassin makes a brazen attempt on...

The Saffron Kitchen

The Saffron Kitchen
  • Author(s): Yasmin Crowther
  • Location(s): Iran, London, Mazareh
  • Genre(s): Fiction
  • Era(s): Mid 1900s onwards

come. Richmond Hill in London is a far cry from where Maryam Mazar was born and raised, the little village of Mazareh in Iran, but this affluent suburb is where she has lived for more than forty years. She...

The Wandering Falcon

The Wandering Falcon
  • Author(s): Jamil Ahmad
  • Location(s): Afghanistan, Iran, Pakistan
  • Genre(s): Fiction, Short Stories
  • Era(s): Late 20th Century

This book is set in the heart of the stateless stretch of mountains where the borders of Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iran meet: an area now in the news and seen as lawless, and rulled by tribal Taliban, but pre...


  • Author(s): James Clavell
  • Location(s): Tehran
  • Genre(s): Fiction, Historical
  • Era(s): 1979

“Whirlwind” is the story of three weeks in Tehran in February 1979: three weeks of fanaticism, passion, self-sacrifice and heartbreak. Caught between the revolutionaries and the forces of international intrigue is a team of professional pilots. They are ordered...

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