Blogs in September 2020

A Nest of Voodoo Dolls 19th September 2020

Botswana Police Sergeant Duski Lôcha is the daughter of a Zionist preacher whose sermons berate witch doctors and their ungodly practises. Desperate to find a man she could call her own in a culture where infidelity is the norm...

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White Dog Fell from the Sky 1st January 1970

Botswana, 1976. Isaac Muthethe thinks that he is dead. Forced to flee his country after witnessing a friend murdered by white members of the South African Defense Force, he finds himself, for the first time, in a country without...

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Deadly Harvest (#4 Detective Kubu) 1st January 1970

The fourth mystery in the beloved and critically acclaimed Detective Kubu series tracks a series of murders and the mysterious witch doctor whose nefarious potions might hold the key to a web of missing persons. A young girl goes...

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