Blogs in June 2022

The Shawl of Midnight 28th June 2022

All the women in Nafeesa’s family have been imprisoned, assassinated, scarred or exiled. Yes, every single one. Is it any wonder, then, that the surviving men in her family have kept those disturbing facts from her? But now Nafeesa...

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Things We Choose To Hide 19th August 2021

After ending a long-term relationship, Rachel Grosvenor goes to stay with friends in Florence, where she meets the attractive Sicilian businessman, Tommaso. Despite her friends’ concerns, she marries him weeks later, only to learn at the end of their...

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Postcards from Ladakh 13th April 2020

Ladakh, circa 2009 You never have a sense of déjà vu in Ladakh. No place looks the same again. No moment repeats itself here. There is always something new to discover about the land and its people. Birds and...

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Three men on motorcycles 13th April 2020

‘Let’s go for a ride!’ This was the clarion call for Royal Enfield riders, but where should we go? Bharathi (the wife) – She Who Must Be Obeyed – sneers at our puny destination plans and orders us to...

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Red Maize 2nd November 2017

In the village of Morha Madana, overlooking the Chenab, the joys of harvesting ripe maize get sullied when, one summer,gun-toting militants of the tanzeem start swarming the hills. As the militants fight in the name of azadi, the villagerslives...

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