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Not Just Travel share their top tips for SARDINIA

26th March 2017

SARDINIA: In conjunction with #TFBookClub, where we are currently reading Rosanna Ley’s novel “The Little Theatre By The Sea” beautifully set in Sardinia and Dorset, the lovely people at Not Just Travel share their insights into this wonderful Mediterranean Island. If your interest in Sardinia is already piqued by reading the novel (we are reading and chatting here), then these top tips will just make you want to visit even more!

top tips for Sardinia

13423860_10154904796993222_4995369536868587012_nIf you’re looking for an Italian break without the noise and commotion of the mainland, Sardinia has some of the Mediterranean’s most seductive beaches and vivacious nightlife without you having to step off the continent.

Famed for it’s turquoise waters and completely white sand, much like the Caribbean shores, visiting the beach while in Sardinia is a must. The island’s north coast is littered with 80 exceptional, limestone coves while Olbia is the gateway to the seductive Emerald Coast – and the rich and famous!


Image from Pinterest

Particularly on the east of the Sardinia, visitors remark how stunningly clear the water is; often comparing it to Italy’s finest gin, making the Sardinian beaches one of the world’s best places to snorkel.

Unlike the Boot, Sardinia’s array of architectural offerings is completely different to the rest of Italy. The island was famously a natural stop-off for empires journeying through the Mediterranean Sea to explore the continent. The Phoenicians, Vandals and Byzantines having all left their mark on the island, leaving behind ancient cities and relics. Yet, when you walk around Sardinia’s small market towns, it is the influence of the Spanish, which is most obvious. You will notice all the town’s street signs are written Catalan and the design of the Alghero Cathedral radiates Catalan architecture.


Alghero Cathedral – image: ThousandWonders.net

What Sardinia does have in common with its Italian neighbours is its passion for food and wine. With famous, classics Sardinian cuisine of roasted suckling pig and myrtle-stuff wild boar, there is something for everyone’s tastes on the island; taking inspiration from French, Spanish and obviously Italian cookery.

Food and wine often brings on a good time, and Sardinia nightlife is thriving! Every night, Olbia’s bars are overflowing with tourists and celebrities alike who enjoy kicking back in the town’s traditional bars and contemporary clubs.


Image: la Nuova Sardegna

If you prefer something a little more low-key, visit Cagliari’s many fantastic restaurants such as Dal Corsaro (one Michelin Star!), a restaurant that combines both traditional and innovative, by revisiting old recipes and pepping them up with contemporary touches.


Dal Corsaro – TripAdvisor.co.uk

Italy’s little sister, Sardinia, is not only the perfect European getaway in the sun but also a glimpse into the culture of various empires and nations.

If you want to explore Sardinia on your next holiday, be sure to get in touch with our travel experts at Not Just Travel to book your break and ensure you make the most of Sardinia’s scenic natural wonders and treasure trove of culture. Catch them also on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest

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